What is America? From Ground Zero to Point Thank You to Shanksville, PA

It was supposed to be a relaxing visit with my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter. Two days without a camera. As is so often the case, it just was not meant to be.

Life and an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer took over. The feature article connected Kitch and me with a woman in Shanksville who was putting together a scrapbook called Patriots of Peace.

An e-mail to Leigh Snyder followed by a telephone call and one day later we were on our way to Shanksville, PA. The visit was to be a short one, or so we thought.

Kitch would take some digital pictures, I would video an interview and shoot some B-Roll, and we would be on our way.

That was not the case at all.

Three years later and 10 episodes of our What Is America Series? shot on location in Shanksville, and we continue to visit with the lifetime friends we made there.

Janie Kiehl, a Flight 93 Ambassador, is like a member of our family. Chuck and Jayne Wagner are dear friends and the Shanksville story that resulted in three screenings for delegations of King’s College seniors and friends continues to be an annual tradition.

Shanksville connected us with Doug, Chivon and Adam MacMillan, and that friendship grows with each experience and each day.

At the moment we are working on a project that grew out of our last visit and screening in Shanksville, and it should be finished in time to screen in Shanksville in the fall.

The blessings resulting from our work in Shanksville brought a wonderful person named Victoria into our life, and our conversations with her produced the idea for this very special section of the Windsor Park Stories website.

A company in London has been commissioned to do a project on Flight 93. They heard about our work, and they asked to see three episodes. To avoid commercializing our work in Shanksville, we decided to put the episodes on the web so that the producers in London could see them during the research phase of their project.

We intend to keep these episodes on the web for other visitors to see. We will rotate them with other episodes in our What Is America? series.

Fr. Tom O’Hara, President of King’s College, often tells the story of an African tradition. Simply put, as long as there is someone alive to tell the story of the deceased they will never die.

In one respect, this section of our website is an attempt to help our counterparts in London. In another respect, it enables us to honor the African tradition.

As long as people come and visit the actual site, crushing the B2 stones under their feet, and virtual sites like this one, the heroic people who gave their lives for freedom on September 11, 2001, will never die.

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