Judge Max Rosenn: A Man for All Seasons, Part 1

Judge Max Rosenn is, without question, the most respected person in Northeastern Pennsylvania. For more than a generation he has been a member of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Chief Judge Edward R. Becker described Judge Rosenn as “a man of almost divine grace…One of the great judges in the history of the Court of Appeals.”

Chief Judge Thomas I Vanaskie said “All who encounter Judge Rosenn have true affection for him because of his manner, his bearing.”

The words that best describe Judge Rosenn are: compassion, consideration, kindness and respect.

In this the first of two episodes, Judge Rosenn discusses his childhood during World War 1, his education, his value system and the conditions that existed in the Wyoming Valley when coal was king.

We call this episode Judge Max Rosenn: A Man for All Seasons because we believe that Judge Rosenn is a model for all of us.

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