Mike Lewis: A Man and His Music

Mike Lewis made his first visit to Windsor Park in July 2004. It was a magical afternoon. Sitting in the Greenhouse, he told his story, and what a story it is. The son of a successful journalist who loved music, Mike made his first trip to a recording studio when he was a youngster. He went to bed that evening certain that one day he would write music.

In our conversation, Mike talked about his parents, his education, and his experiences in journalism. All interesting stories to be sure, but once he began talking about music it was obvious that he was at home.

Later in the afternoon we set up a temporary recording studio in our sitting room, and Mike settled in with his guitar. There he explained the music that enriches his life.

Umbrellas in the Sun is a title that always intrigued me, and while Mike strummed the chorus, a number of questions ran through my mind.

I asked. Mike obliged.

The source of the song was pain. The nature of the song was affirmation. The tone of the song was lyrical and the performance was mellow and moving.

Catfish Hunter made everyone’s top ten list of Yankees pitchers. Quiet, determined, and larger than life to every youngster who watched the game, Jim Catfish Hunter was a genuine hero to young and old alike.

Hunter was the consummate professional. He delivered his very best every time he took the mound. He was reliable.

Ironic the same insidious disease, ALS, ended the career of Lou Gerhig and took the life of another hero, Morrie Schwartz, also caused the life of Catfish Hunter to end too soon.

Windsor Park Stories is pleased to present the first episode of our New season here in its entirety, Mike Lewis: A Man and His Music. We think it is a Windsor Park Story that you will really enjoy.

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